About CrossFit Dedication

New to CrossFit? New to CrossFit?  Beginning any new fitness regimen can be overwhelming. There's a lot to learn, from new lingo, to new movements, to the names of a lot of new people. CrossFit can be especially intimidating for new athletes, with its reputation for intensity, the seemingly endless variety of exercises, and the group classes that always seem full of young, impossibly fit people. CrossFit Dedication is different. Our classes are full of real people just like you; working adults with families and mortgages, and all of the same problems and anxieties you may have. And 


  • Workout of the Day - Friday August 5

  • WOD:

    2 Min
    70' Sled Push
    35' Frisbee Drag
    10 Duck Jumps
    12 Tire Grid
    2 Tire Flips
    Do Max Rep Double Unders in remaining time

    3 Min Rest